We know how hard it is to get away.

We’re a family with long histories in public service. The few times we’re able to get away from challenging–and rewarding–work, we struggle to find the right way to stretch our money.  We love to travel, and we know how important it is to open our kids’ eyes to the world around us by way of plane, train, (ship), and automobile.

Luckily, we also have experience in the hotel industry.

So we married the two–hospitality to public service–to form the labor of love that is Castleberry Travel. Here we contact hotels across the nation, negotiating deals for our private constituency.
Stay tuned for updates on news and new hotels.

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911 Dispatch


#Iam911 One of a few hashtags signaling support for 911 dispatchers. It’s not the only one. #NTW, #ThinGoldLine…there are a heartwarming amount of groups offering

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