New Firefighter and Police Meal Plan Discount in Palm Beach

Ever tried a meal prep plan? Looking to lose some weight? Want to eat healthy throughout the week without spending hours prepping on Sunday? Fuel for Fit in Palm Beach is offering a discounted meal plan for Police and Firefighters.

Let’s be clear about something- shift work is NOT conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Whether your office is a patrol car or you’re running 19-22 calls per shift at Fort Lauderdale’s Sistrunk Express, finding to time to eat clean and portion-controlled meals can be very difficult. Even at a slower firehouse, stations meals may be tasty, but often unhealthy.

How can you track your calorie count and make sure you’re getting the right kind of calories? Look no further- Fuel for Fit is making it easy for first responders. Not only do they offer an incredible discount, but they make it extremely convenient.

No more having to select your meals a week in advance, risking missing the deadline and getting random unwanted meals. Fuel For Fit has a storefront with agreeable hours, grab and go, and pay-per-meal. The discount currently being offered to Police and Firefighters is $5/meal.

What I’ve found to work best is 2 trips a week- once on Sunday and again on Wednesday. I grab 2 meals per day (lunch and dinner), figuring out breakfast on my own. I found breakfast to be the easiest meal to handle, consistently feasting on eggs scrambled/sunny-side up or a nice helping of cottage cheese and fruit with granola. If you supplement with the right snacks in between, keeping your calorie count in the ideal range while leaving plenty of energy for the gym is easier than you’d think.

There is an adjustment period, where you’ll struggle with self control while your body acclimates to the portions. You’ll find yourself constantly opening the fridge in the fire station and staring at the contents or subconsciously veering your police car off into a nearby drive-thru. I’m guilty of these criminal acts myself. I tell you my friends- persevere! Nothing worth wanting is easy. Stick to the meal plan- take advantage of the amazing discount being offered to us.

Now for the important details- Fuel For Fit has 2 locations at this time, both in Palm Beach County, the furthest South location being off of Hypoluxo and Dixie Hwy. The next closest is in Palm Beach Gardens. They plan to open a third location in West Boca soon (which I’m very excited about). Click on the above link for hours and detailed location information.

Educators- we’ve asked the owners about offering the discounts to local Teachers and they seemed open to it. Just bring some sort of identification with you when you go in, and check with owner John to see if he will honor an Educator discount.

We hope you enjoy this pro-tip and are able to make use of it.

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