Florida "Classroom Teachers" Included in the Next Round of Vaccines

Like always, word choice opens the gates for criticism. 

In the announcement, Governor DeSantis noted that “classroom teachers” over 50 would be a priority group in the next round of Florida-bound vaccines.

Floridians took to social media, worrying that other educators–media specialists, librarians, educators not shackled to a classroom–might be left out of the fold.

I’d be worried if I were a media specialist, too. Honestly, I’d be worried if I were anyone with a high school in a hundred mile radius. Have you seen how little respect these kids have for personal space? I taught juniors–17yearold almost-grownups–who regularly sneezed on my face. G-d love ’em.

It’s not only vaccines heading our way, but millions more in coronavirus relief.

It’s about time, according to U.S. Rep Kathy Castor. In December, Congress approved federal emergency aid to Florida. It was available to the state on January 6th, but we’re still waiting for the funds to be dispersed to the schools and students.

$3.1 billion was provided by Congress, to aid in student learning (online and inhouse), layoffs, and tech.

Biden’s American Rescue Plan–moving through Congress as we speak–pitches a $1.9 trillion relief package. Luckily, this is being reviewed by the Budget Reconciliation Process, which doesn’t require so many votes for approval.

If this passes, Florida is slated to get an additional $7.4 billion.

Law makers are fighting to get this passed before mid-March, but when will we get the relief? Who knows. I got a call yesterday about my lead money, owed to me in 2018.

Some good news: districts around the state are waiving the volunteer hours requirement for graduating seniors (honestly, is anyone actually volunteering? Is Admissions still believing this?), and pushing for attend-able graduation and sporting events.

I don’t support super-spreading events, and hope all involved will approach planning with real dedication to the health & safety of all attendants. But it’s true–kids need to see each other. They are suffering. Mine certainly are.

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