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Spring Break is approaching fast leaving many of us little time to make plans

Here at Castleberry Travel we’ve seen an influx of Police Officers and Firefighters from all around the state of Florida securing a 3-4 night stay at the Radisson Orlando. Some are going to Disney with the family, some are sending their college-age kids away for the week with their friends, while others are planning a trip to Epcot with co-workers for another attempt at “Beers Around the World.”

Teachers– starting to see more of you join the site. Welcome and we hope you enjoy the benefits.

Whatever your plans are- make them soon, and book with us for the Best Value! Rooms are running out over the upcoming weekends quickly, so some may have to book during the week.


On the Horizon…

Currently in talk with a beach resort on the West Coast for a year round rate. White sand, sunsets fading into the ocean, sharks…. I mean, uh.. Tiki Bar on the beach. Keep checking back. If all goes as planned, this Beach Resort will be a great addition at more than a 50% discount on most days.

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