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Just a few quick thoughts on our Educators-

If you are one, have ever dated one, married one, or are related to one you’re well aware of this. When we talk about local heroes, who are the people that typically come to mind first? Our Police Officers? Firefighters? Military? Vets who have sacrificed all or most? I am the son-of-a-teacher and a firefighter, and here’s what I’ve seen.

DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME. Some of these people leave their home and families every day for a greater cause and come back worse for the wear, or not at all. You can’t compare much else to that. However, often overlooked are the the silent heroes.

Our Teachers, or Educators (as some prefer) put themselves in the trenches everyday, trying to ensure the quality of life for our children. What are the trenches you ask? Let’s break that down.

The average starting salary for Teachers in Florida is $35k. What kind of living conditions does that allot? I can say that in South Florida, not so great. They get paid for a 40 hour work week. Let’s keep in mind this is salary. Most of them spend 2 hours a day after school grading papers and putting together their next lesson plan. Not to include Teacher/Parent conferences, stopping at the arts/crafts store, school supply stores, staying after to help a student, etc.

So they don’t get paid well. Now couple that with a few other things. Their yearly step raises are a joke- some school districts have gone years without raises. Let’s couple this with with a poor work environment- disrespectful students (sometimes even dangerous), belittling parents, unsupportive Admin staff (who are more concerned with coming out looking clean for their next political move), imposed non-sensical teaching methods such as “common core” as of recent….  they can’t even teach anymore!

How about family life? Well, when you work all day, have to work more when you come home, have to be at school early, if you’re lucky leave when school gets out, what kind of family life does that leave? Well, you can’t enjoy the small things like taking your own kids to the bus stop in the morning or being there to pick them up when they get home. You’re either already at work or not home yet. When you get home you’re too pooped to cook a nice meal for your family…. you end up opening a can of green beans, dumping it in a bowl, salt/peppering it up, and throwing it in the microwave. Fry some 1 yr old fish that you took from the deep freezer and  left out that morning, who knows… Yes, I remember all of that, Mom.

You can’t have a stay home partner because you don’t make enough, and you hope that they make a lot more. Vacations? It’s either Spring Break (when things are either outrageously overpriced or unavailable), June, July, beginning of August, or bust. Best part of it all…. you don’t get paid for those 3 months. You get one check at the end of the school year… and you have to ration it to last the summer. Not a promising budget for vacation.

The way I see it, Teachers put in 30 years of suffering, retire, and then have to suffer some more, because the retirement isn’t great, and they have to scale back even more. These people are not taking this job because they can’t find another one. They are educated. They have a calling to teach. They are educating our young minds and ensuring a future for our children.

So the next time you have a parent teacher conference, or have some sort of communication with a teacher, make sure to thank them. Let them know how much you appreciate them and what they do for you.


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