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WARNING: This video contains graphic footage of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks

Remembering the “343”

It’s safe to say that every American who was old enough to understand what was happening on September 11th, 2001 in New York City knows exactly where they were on that day. I remember being in Miss Reoven’s 11th grade Economic class when our teacher got a call on her cellphone and started saying “Oh sh*t OH SH*T!” and then turned on the TV for us to watch.

What we were seeing on the TV was surreal. It was just impossible to wrap your mind around, especially when the second plane crashed into the other tower. That’s when all doubts were removed about it being an accidental plane crash.

Many of us lost relatives who either worked at the World Trade Center or were firefighters and police officers that gave their lives that day. If you didn’t know- “343” refers to the number of firefighters and paramedics that gave their lives up that day trying to pull people out. Don’t forget the 23 NYPD police officers and the 37 NY Port Authority Officers. Those numbers are ghastly, but the damage goes so far beyond that for our Heroes.

By January of 2002, 300 firefighters were on  leave for respiratory issues. Many of those have since succumbed to various types of cancer and lung disease. Estimates put the total around 3,051 children who lost a parent as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

With all this happening only 14 years ago, it’s unfathomable- the way our Police Officers and Firefighters are being treated in this country. So quickly the public forgets all that has been sacrificed to “Serve and Protect.”

We’ve seen new type of terrorism rearing its ugly head in this country- home-grown terrorism. The last few weeks, it seems as if there has been at least one Police Officer per week being ambushed for no apparent reason. Some are attributing it to the #Blacklivesmatter “movement”. A movement with no factual basis, solely founded on racial propaganda by those who’s only motivation is to catapult themselves back into the media spotlight. Consequently, you have those who are either mentally unstable or hateful acting upon this “movement” with heinous acts of violence against our Law Enforcement Officers.

On the fire side, we see footage on youtube of citizens heckling firefighters who are on duty- stopping at the store for station groceries, accusing them of misappropriating taxpayer money.

In whatever capacity you serve the public, know that we’re all feeling the effects of this lapse in judgement throughout our country. Diminished support from those we’ve sworn to serve, little no support from our politicians (in fact in some areas they’re hanging us out to dry), and worst of all- ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT from the leadership in our country.

For those of you who are not in Public Safety- keep this in mind the next time you have an interaction with a police officer or firefighter- whether it’s initiated on a positive or negative premise, act accordingly. Hold your head high, take that speeding ticket like a man, and thank the officer for all he/she does to protect us. You’d be surprised how much it makes a difference in their day.

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