Home / Blog / Uncategorized : Radisson Orlando booked solid through spring break! March 15th-21st 2015

Great news for the resort…. bad news for anyone who didn’t get a room.


It looks like they’ll have a hotel full of Firefighters, LEO’s, Teachers, and Soldiers (along with their families). Again, we’re seeing a great response from our public servants and just to show our appreciation- we’ll be adding another property very soon. It looks to be within the next 2 weeks. We’re thinking a beach property… because nothing helps you forget about that disrespectful student, violent offender, or never-ending wild land fire, like sipping a Corona with your toes in the white sand.

If you did manage to get a room over Spring Break at the Radisson Orlando Celebration….. Ge ready for fun weekend at a hotel filled with law-abiding, fire-safe, well-educated, and selfless guests!

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