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Just a few quick thoughts on our Educators- If you are one, have ever dated one, married one, or are related to one you’re well aware of this. When we talk about local heroes, who are the people that typically come to mind first? Our Police Officers? Firefighters? Military? Vets who have sacrificed all or […]

Have you heard? There’s a campaign to raise money for Super Troopers 2. Meow, we at Castleberry Travel are going to make DAMN sure this movie happens.   For every room night you book through us–from now until the end of April–Castleberry Travel will donate $2 to the Super Troopers 2 fund, hosted by the film’s production team, Broken Lizard. […]

Firefighter Blogs About his Encounter with a Police Officer   “So, I got pulled over this afternoon in independence. I wanted to share my experience and rant about when I hear unruly kids, and immature(or ignorant in my words) adults talk about “police brutality”. He pulled me over for speeding, at which point I pulled […]

So as convenient as it may be, we at Castleberry Travel are here at the focal point of today’s holiday, working for you, in Boston, Ma. This is a big event for Firefighter’s, Police Officers, and Military from all over the country. The parade is something else. If haven’t been able to see it, this […]

Great news for the resort…. bad news for anyone who didn’t get a room.   It looks like they’ll have a hotel full of Firefighters, LEO’s, Teachers, and Soldiers (along with their families). Again, we’re seeing a great response from our public servants and just to show our appreciation- we’ll be adding another property very […]

Spring Break is approaching fast leaving many of us little time to make plans Here at Castleberry Travel we’ve seen an influx of Police Officers and Firefighters from all around the state of Florida securing a 3-4 night stay at the Radisson Orlando. Some are going to Disney with the family, some are sending their college-age […]

So far, we’ve seen a great response from PBA and IAFF members who have been taking advantage of the discount at the Orlando hotel. There’s been nothing but positive feedback in regards to their hotel stay.   Soon we will open more discounted hotels to our teachers, firefighters, and police officers.

Effective January 2015 Castleberry Travel negotiated a discounted rate for Firefighters, Police, and Teachers at Orlando resort 1 mile outside of Disney. This rate will not be made available to the public and you must be either a registered user of this website or part of an affiliated union in order to book.

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