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Firefighter Blogs About his Encounter with a Police Officer


“So, I got pulled over this afternoon in independence. I wanted to share my experience and rant about when I hear unruly kids, and immature(or ignorant in my words) adults talk about “police brutality”. He pulled me over for speeding, at which point I pulled into Simon Kenton High School. I pulled my wallet out and started pulling out my ID’s with my hands up on the steering wheel. He walks up and says “license and proof of insurance please”. I handed him my license, CCDW permit, along with proof of insurance. I pointed to my concealed carry permit and said “I am a concealed carry holder, and there’s a loaded weapon on my hip”. He replied in a somewhat humorous manner and said “you leave yours there, and I’ll leave mine on my hip. Deal?” I laughed and said it sounded good to me. He went to his cruiser and returned minutes later, with no ticket, and said “have a good day, buckle up”. I said “Thank you sir, be safe out there”. And that was it.

Yes, I had a loaded weapon. Yes, a police officer pulled me over. Yes, I lived to tell about it. 

That brings me to the “police brutality”. All police officers are not bad people. As a matter of fact most of them are good people. It is the profession they’ve chosen, it’s something to be passionate about. So give them the respect they deserve. 

Are there police officers who abuse their power? Yes. Are there police officers who are in general bad people? Yes. But that’s the same for all professions and all walks of life. There are bad people all around, but the majority are good people. 

So it’s pretty simple. If you have an encounter with a police officer, be respectful. Be honest, they know why they’re taking to you so don’t lie to them. And don’t do anything that could be conceived as dangerous to the officer. Their life safety is number one priority to them. If you act in any manner that makes them question if their life could be on the line, they’ll probably take yours. That’s what they’re trained to do, that’s what they’re expected to do in a situation of imminent life danger. 

So in short: don’t act ignorant, and you won’t have to worry about your life when dealing with a police officer.”


                         -Davie Mardie (A firefighter in Kentucky)

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